Gel Beads, often called Water Beads or Crystal Soil are tiny balls of polymer material that absorb water.

Gel Beads absorb up to 10 times their volume, so when you add water they will grow up to 10 times larger than in their dehydrated state. 400ml of water is required with one packet of Gel Beads. To light up your Gel Beads with Party Dots® you add the Party Dot® after the Gel Beads are set, not before. Party Dots® are water resistant but not waterproof, so they will be perfectly fine in the Gel Beads providing you drain off the excess water in the vase.
For smaller vases or glass jars, one Party Dot® gives a brilliant lighted effect, for larger vases or jars we suggest you use 2 or more Party Dots®. If you wish to colour your Gel Beads, you can add food colouring to the water prior to adding the Gel Beads, the beads will then absorb the coloured water, this is not necessary but an option for you.
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View our video below on Lighting Gel Beads with Party Dots® it is very helpful

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